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Beauty Aftercare: How to get the most out of your beauty treatment

Have you ever left the salon and thought “I wish I looked like this all the time”? Well, we have a list of hints and tips for aftercare that should preserve your treatments before your next trip to the salon…


Microblading is semi-permanent and is perfect for creating the desired fullness with your eyebrows. Results can last 18-24 months, making it a great investment. In order to make the procedure last as long as possible, it is recommended that a “top-up” session is booked to ensure you get maximum results and coverage.

After microblading and whilst healing, the recommendations are that:

  1. You avoid getting the area wet
  2. You don’t pick or itch the area
  3. You don’t apply makeup to the area
  4. You avoid saunas and swimming.

YUMI Lash Lift 

The YUMI Lash Lift offered at Bella Lash Brow is exactly the same treatment offered in Harrods! Using a perming solution, your eyelashes are lengthened and transformed!

After your treatment, it is advised that you do not get your eyelashes wet for 24-48 hours after receiving your lash lift, and after that period, you can continue as you would normally, with skincare, makeup and swimming.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions can transform your look, as they lengthen and thicken your own natural lashes. They are virtually weightless and will not damage your natural lashes.

After eyelash extensions, the recommendations are that:

  1. You avoid getting them wet for approximately 48 hours after application
  2. You brush through your eyelash tips regularly
  3. You do not use oil-based products around or on the eyes
  4. You do not sleep on your face
  5. You don’t apply mascara to your Eyelash Extensions, however, if you do wish to wear mascara, Bella Lash Brow stocks mascara made to be used safely on Eyelash Extensions.
  6. You keep on top of infills
  7. You use a professional eyelash cleanser, we recommend the Bella Lash Brow Eyelash Extension Deep Foam Cleanser, which is what both Lash Techs and Lash Clients to use daily.

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